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Smith & Wesson Tactical/Stylus Pen


MSRP $42.66

Purchase on Amazon here.

So my boss calls and says I have a package in my office.  He mentioned he bought this for the department.  The next morning, I was ecstatic to find this box on my desk.

Smith and Wesson Tactical Stylus Pen_4

You see, not all bosses are made the same.  He has a knack for tactical EDC gear too.  (It makes my job much more enjoyable)  So when I called him back to say thanks, he said he is rocking one too.  Once he saw it, he knew I would love to use this tactical pen.

I immediately unboxed it and noticed it’s weight.  It weighs a manageable 1.4 ounces.  I’d rather have it feel like I’m holding something substantial for pressure point strikes with the Self Defense End.

Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen Stylus_1

The other end of the pen is the Stylus cap.  It works great with my iPhone 5 and iPad.  The Stylus Cap keeps the screen nice and clean instead of my oily pointer digit leaving its residue all over the screens.  The cap can be transferred to either end with its wide threading.  The ink delivery has been flawless when writing.   I have some pen snobs in the office and they do a double take when its out to do work.

Smith and Wesson Tactical Stylus Pen_2

So far I’ve been very pleased with this pen.  I have other tactical pens from Smith and Wesson and this one stands above the rest.  The stylus cap is doubles its purpose and that’s why it’s my primary EDC pen.

Smith and Wesson Tactical Stylus Pen_3



My every day carry for today.  9mm M&P, Smith & Wesson Tactical Folder Tanto blade, Don Hume IWB holster, Citizens ECO DRIVE, tactical pen

Oakley Flak Jacket_black

I’m crazy about sunglasses.  Not just any sunglasses.  I have to have quality eye protection because if it’s sunny, I’m blind.

The shades I trust the most are my Oakley Flak Jacket’s.  I rock them in Jet Black with Black Iridium lenses.

Sure they’re pricey but since I have the ability to swap out lenses I can justify the $150 bucks.  It’s inevitable that I’ll scratch the lens.  Since the ASIAN FIT is appropriate for my style face, it was a no brainer purchase.

I literally wear them every day.  I have to wear a suit in my profession and yes it completes the “secret service” look.

The best part of these Oakley’s is that I love the fact there is no bottom frame on them.  I chose to use them in a tactical carbine course for my course required eye protection.  I was able to view without obstruction through the bottom of my lens.  That is a huge plus for me.


Want to learn about them more?  Check them out here:

Hello World Pocket Dump

Today is June 6th, 2013 and I decided to blog about my Every Day Carry (EDC) from a citizen’s point of view.  My name is Carlos.  I am an ordinary citizen that loves EDC.

Why? Well I like to be prepared for just about anything.  I don’t like finding myself within a problem with no tools to help with the solution. If you found this blog then I think you get what I’m talking about.

Just like the subtitle says, WELCOME TO MY WORLD.  This blog is dedicated to what I want to carry and use.

If you find it helpful or insightful, then mission accomplished.  If you don’t then click on my friend.  Gear reviews and my opinions is what I promise to provide.  Nothing more and nothing less.