About Me

My name is Carlos.  I’m an ordinary citizen that has the EVERY DAY CARRY (EDC) mentality.  I carry tools every day to be prepared for problematic situations.  I hope I never have to be in these sitiuations but in case I do, I wanted to be prepared.  Hope for the best and assume the worst is a daily motto for me.

My perspective comes from a daily urban professional office setting.  Although I do enjoy the outdoors, my thoughts and opinions will mostly be based on experience of my EDC within my daily environment  My tools may consist of a combination of a concealed pistol, assisted opening knife, flashlight, tactical pens, multi-tools, EDC bags and cell phone.  It’s my choice and my privilege to do so. I highly respect the responsibility of having these tools.  I believe proper training is essential. I will be sharing my training experiences as well as articles that have impacted or reinforce  my strategies. This blog is dedicated to those that live in the same paradigm.  Stay safe and carry responsibly.



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