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KeySmart 2.0 USB & Key MyEveryDayCarry setup

KeySmart 2.0 USB & Key MyEveryDayCarry setup

I first saw KeySmart on Instagram and I was immediately intrigued by the compactness.  Buffed edges, precision cut and laser etched, I was impressed with the aesthetic quality of the materials. Check out the video below to see how its made in Chicago IL.  I prefer a low profile for all my gear solutions. In my opinion, KeySmart is just that.

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Check out my guest blog post on  From my perspective I attempt to explain conceal carry options to the curious and new concealed carrier.

Double Tap Kydex Desantis Cozy Partner_1

Many Thanks to for allowing me to post on their blog.


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So I signed up for the Primary Weapon Systems e newsletter recently.  I received an announcement of their RAFFLE RAMA.  I have to say I am a sucker for a giveaway.  Especially for very expensive things that go bang:)

PWS 14 summer giveaway

It is all centered around this: a PWS MK114 piston driven AR-15 rifle, custom Limited Edition Zev Technologies Glock Pistol, Prospect Tactical Ballistic Eyewear by Smith Elite, X Products 50 round drum magazine, and U.S. Optics SR-4C 1-4x22mm Scope and Scope Mount all encompassed in a custom Bauer case!  But wait there’s more :)  They plan to giveaway more prizes prior to the grand prize!  

Needless to say I’m stoked.  So how do I enter this contest for these bad ass tools?  I proceeded to check out this video:

This is how you enter: Purchase a serialized PWS MK107 Diablo bottle opener, or serialized Glock tool by Zevtech. Each bottle opener or Glock tool will have an engraved serial number that will enter the customer into each drawing.

Ok so the hunt was on for the Diablo bottle opener.  Not for the Glock tool because I currently I don’t own one.  I raced to the sites listed on the PWS site to order one of these suckers….Guess what?  None of them had them listed on their site.  FAIL.  Thank god, my local gun shop, Oakland Tactical is a PWS dealer.  Spoke with Mike briefly about the contest and he is ordering the PWS MK107 Diablo bottle opener and Zevtech Glock tools specifically for the contest.  When they are in stock you can either visit his store in Hartland or check them out at   Thanks Mike!

Once you have the serial numbers in hand, pay attention to this part (directly from PWS):

“Each week we will announce the winners on our YouTube channel ( via our animated series Half Cocked. Watch the official instructions now! Every week there will be mini episodes to reveal which serial number has been chosen for each giveaway. Be sure you have subscribed to the channel so you stay updated and know if your serial number has been chosen to win!

If you see your winning serial number drawn, take a picture of it and email it to to validate your winning number. You will have two days, that’s 48 hours, from the time of the drawing to send us your number. If you don’t make it in time, we will redraw.”

Needless to say, its a clever way to market the contest.  Lots of participation on the entry but it makes winning that much better.

Be sure to check out Primary Weapon Systems for official rules and to enter:

Condor Phantom_2

Yeah the Condor Phantom Soft Shell Tactical Jacket might scream too tactical but I really don’t care.  Its too damn functional to not be used as an every day jacket.  Currently it’s been 20 degrees on average here in Michigan and this jacket has performed admirably.

Quite frankly I’d rather spend $60 on this soft shell than dishing out $180 for a ‘Name Brand’ jacket.  Sure it doesn’t have the label bling but thats why I bought it.

Condor Phantom_5I wanted an affordable and functional jacket that I can use around town and to keep warm while on the range.

It keeps me dry and reasonably warm with its construction.  It has 3 layers of warmth – Polyester, Breathable film membrane mid layer and Super fine fleece inner layer.

Condor Phantom_3

Although its not windproof, I did find it’s water resistant.  Not quite waterproof as claimed.  I purchased a Coyote Brown XL.  Please note not all Coyote Brown is Coyote Brown. I usually wear a 42 suit jacket and the XL fits a tiny bit big.  I don’t mind the extra room because I normally layer a North Face Nimble Jacket underneath (review coming soon).

Condor Phantom_6

Two velcro patches and sleeve pockets are the major reason I purchased it.  I find that sleeve pockets are simply functional and convenient.  I love stowing chap stick, ear buds, keys or anything I don’t want mixed in my chest pocket. I’ve decided that every outer shell I buy from now has to have sleeve pockets.

Condor Phantom_5

The Condor Phantom is a do all jacket that has earned my every day carry nod.

You can find the Condor Phantom 606 Tactical Soft Shell Jacket here.


Arcteryx BAC ed_1

The Arc’teryx LEAF Baller Ass Cap from Tactical Distributors is by far the best hat I’ve owned.  Seriously its that uber cool.  Well, that’s just my opinion.

The Flex Fit conforms easily to my dome.  Not to mention the mesh on the second half of the hat keeps things cool.  I rock a small/medium size.

The Wolf color is a perfect combination for the Dead Bird Logo on the black velcro patch.  The top of the hat is Ear Pro friendly.  I can’t wear normal ball caps when shooting because they have that annoying button on top.

 Arcteryx BAC ed_2

Did I mention this is a exclusive?  I had no problem laying out $30 for this cover.  Buy it here.

Smith & Wesson Tactical/Stylus Pen


MSRP $42.66

Purchase on Amazon here.

So my boss calls and says I have a package in my office.  He mentioned he bought this for the department.  The next morning, I was ecstatic to find this box on my desk.

Smith and Wesson Tactical Stylus Pen_4

You see, not all bosses are made the same.  He has a knack for tactical EDC gear too.  (It makes my job much more enjoyable)  So when I called him back to say thanks, he said he is rocking one too.  Once he saw it, he knew I would love to use this tactical pen.

I immediately unboxed it and noticed it’s weight.  It weighs a manageable 1.4 ounces.  I’d rather have it feel like I’m holding something substantial for pressure point strikes with the Self Defense End.

Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen Stylus_1

The other end of the pen is the Stylus cap.  It works great with my iPhone 5 and iPad.  The Stylus Cap keeps the screen nice and clean instead of my oily pointer digit leaving its residue all over the screens.  The cap can be transferred to either end with its wide threading.  The ink delivery has been flawless when writing.   I have some pen snobs in the office and they do a double take when its out to do work.

Smith and Wesson Tactical Stylus Pen_2

So far I’ve been very pleased with this pen.  I have other tactical pens from Smith and Wesson and this one stands above the rest.  The stylus cap is doubles its purpose and that’s why it’s my primary EDC pen.

Smith and Wesson Tactical Stylus Pen_3

Oakley Flak Jacket_black

I’m crazy about sunglasses.  Not just any sunglasses.  I have to have quality eye protection because if it’s sunny, I’m blind.

The shades I trust the most are my Oakley Flak Jacket’s.  I rock them in Jet Black with Black Iridium lenses.

Sure they’re pricey but since I have the ability to swap out lenses I can justify the $150 bucks.  It’s inevitable that I’ll scratch the lens.  Since the ASIAN FIT is appropriate for my style face, it was a no brainer purchase.

I literally wear them every day.  I have to wear a suit in my profession and yes it completes the “secret service” look.

The best part of these Oakley’s is that I love the fact there is no bottom frame on them.  I chose to use them in a tactical carbine course for my course required eye protection.  I was able to view without obstruction through the bottom of my lens.  That is a huge plus for me.


Want to learn about them more?  Check them out here: